Work Forward is a
of people who aim to change the way we work

How can the business of work be better?

Working environments are in a state of constant change. New tools, platforms, and business models create challenges for organizations to stay relevant and competitive. We know there is no one solution to any of these challenges–that’s why we do what we do.

How Work Forward started

On October 8, 2019, a stalwart group of leaders came together to develop a vision of how the business of work can be better. This became the first Work Forward Summit, which applied a collaborative and co-creative workshop approach to developing ideas and concepts to initiate the Work Forward conversation.


To help build a movement and declare the aims of Work Forward, the original Summit participants ideated a set of principles resulting in The Work Forward Manifesto. Take a look to get familiar with our mission and core values!

View the Manifesto

We Believe

Work is Social
No one works entirely alone. We make contributions through collaboration and communication.
Work is Personal
We find meaning in work, whether in the basic need for survival or in the pursuit of an individual passion or greater purpose. To succeed in attaining personal meaning at work requires accountability and commitment.
Work is Human
Work is a fundamental part of the human experience, focused on satisfying human needs. We apply empathy equally to our efforts and the product.
Work Forward Today

Since the first Summit, our goal has been to develop and apply a broader approach to work so that policymakers, business leaders, and workers can seize opportunities and conquer challenges. We continue to connect through Summits as well as online groups and events.

We are a community focused on purpose, innovation, and collaboration. Join us as the future of work unfolds!