Tools for Working Forward

Inspired? Curious? Here are our outputs from the origin Work Forward Summit, some creative illustrations, and workshop activity tools that could jump-start conversation and action at your organization.

Reference Materials

The Work Forward Manifesto WEB / FEBRUARY 2020


Work Forward Approach Poster PDF / FEBRUARY 2020


Work Forward Summit Capture MURAL / OCTOBER 2019


Activation Tools

The Challenge Wheel

The Challenge Wheel is designed to help your and your team identify the obstacles that most impact your ability to perform.

The “How are we?” Assessments

As a next step to the Challenge Wheel, The “How are we?” assessment series is designed to help you and your team take a closer look at the behaviors that drive your activity.

How are we communicating?

How are we innovating?

How are we making?

How are we evaluating?

How are we deciding?

How are we planning?

How are we taking action?

How are we learning?

Hybrid Workplace Planner

So we’re ready to return to the workplace. Or are we? This template will help you and your team consider how a hybrid workplace might work for your organization.